Building a brand on social media

There are lots of easy, basic ways you can start growing and building a supportive community around your brand. If your profile is new (or even if it isn’t) try asking friends, family & followers if they would mind sharing your profile/page or some of your content.

It is SO important to build that basic foundation for your business. To gain support and trust, you must first build it and make a genuine effort to get to know and understand your supporters/cyber friends.

In our first years at Gummee, we were very much encouraged to focus on clean, crisp branding, professionalism and product innovation. Sharing more personal behind the scenes content was still a very new concept so there wasn’t much of that going on.

Social media is called SOCIAL for a reason. The algorithm on all social platforms is programmed to seek out meaningful content. Meaningful content is determined by the type/level of engagement it gets.

Are you more likely to engage with a sales post or a relatable meme? If you want genuine engagement and a thriving account, you need a good mix of relatable/personal/informative content about you & your product/services.

We all know that some of the most successful entrepreneurs are disruptors, and yet the majority of us are too frightened to step out of the box, at least with innovative/new marketing ideas/methods and/or trends. (I refer mainly to sharing more about you, your face and your world behind the brand)

Social media has changed everything. Some very successful brands on Instagram share the most unexpected content on their profiles, and it seems complete transparency/authenticity can really help build your brand, engagement, followers and ultimately sales.

It can be tricky to know exactly what to share or just how personal to be, but thankfully our guts tend to be good at giving off subtle indicators as to whether to hit that post button or not.

It’s good to test, this will help you to understand what your followers respond well to.

I challenge you to share something about your business on stories today that you usually wouldn’t! Use #showyourbiz and tag me so I can share on my stories!

#brandgrowth #showyourbiz

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