Day Out At Badgers Holt, Devon

If you’re going on holiday in Devon or Cornwall this summer and you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful day out, we can not recommend Badgers Holt in Yelverton highly enough. The scenery on Dartmoor on the drive there is absolutely breathtaking, and will have you feeling relaxed and excited by the time you reach […]

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Bakerdays Photo Cake Review

Imagine being a bit hormonal and then get in touch to ask if I would like to work with them on a little collaboration…….. promoting CAKE!  I mean, shark week was around the corner and in comes this message on Instagram from the lovely folk at bakerdays asking if I’d like to help them promote […]

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Honour Your Flow

Ever since I can remember, I have had to use panty liners. (Men/Boys – you may want to leave the blog at this point…..I’m going into detail about all things menstrual and lady bits!) I have always HATED the wet feeling, even just the slightest, tiniest dribble. From being a young girl and having just […]

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Dear Imposter Syndrome

Hi you. Please could you stop…… Stop encouraging me to think about why so & so hasn’t replied to my message yet, instead, I’m choosing to tell myself that they’re busy. That the fact they have not replied is because I am not their number one priority – and that is OKAY! Stop encouraging me […]

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We made a huge decision 2 weeks ago and now I’m just wishing we’d started sooo much sooner! Let me explain…. When we first launched Gummee, the vision we had was quite simple. Create a brand, be internationally successful. I shared every step of the journey on my personal facebook page and looking back now, […]

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