I’m fine. how are you?

Wow. It’s been a while since I blogged! I wish I could bottle this feeling/mood/good day. This is a very rare sort of day, for me. I’ve been feeling awful for months and months. Years, actually. Approx 3 years. The feeling of intense stress, living in every fibre of me…my body, my mind, my soul. […]

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Building a brand on social media

There are lots of easy, basic ways you can start growing and building a supportive community around your brand. If your profile is new (or even if it isn’t) try asking friends, family & followers if they would mind sharing your profile/page or some of your content. It is SO important to build that basic […]

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Setting the Scene for Halloween

By the way, Charlie took the photo above, she’s excited for me to credit her in this blog post 😉 I love to decorate the house for Halloween and I’m forever trying to impose my enthusiasm on the kids, haha! This year, they are more co-operative than they’ve ever been, so we wanted to make […]

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Review Of Synerva CBD Oil

I had been wondering whether or not to try CBD oil for various health issues and persistent pain so when I saw Clare from Synerva’s request for reviewers for her products I jumped at the chance. Steve and I had discussed it many times previously and the only thing that put me off was the […]

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Top 5 Baby Teething Symptoms

Babies are born with 20 ‘milk teeth’ waiting under the surface of the gums to make an appearance. Some babies are even born with a tooth or two already erupted, although this is not very common. Most Newborn babies start to gnaw at their fists when they discover their hands, which may be a sign […]

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November means Black Friday which means, bargains to be had!!! We have teamed up with our NIPA (Nursery Industry Products Association) friends to share the deals. You can get up to 20% off each brand for 7 days with code NIPABLACKFRIDAY.  Valid from Saturday 23rd – 30th November. Mama Designs create award winning products for […]


Day Out At Badgers Holt, Devon

If you’re going on holiday in Devon or Cornwall this summer and you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful day out, we can not recommend Badgers Holt in Yelverton highly enough. The scenery on Dartmoor on the drive there is absolutely breathtaking, and will have you feeling relaxed and excited by the time you reach […]

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Bakerdays Photo Cake Review

Imagine being a bit hormonal and then bakerdays.co.uk get in touch to ask if I would like to work with them on a little collaboration…….. promoting CAKE!  I mean, shark week was around the corner and in comes this message on Instagram from the lovely folk at bakerdays asking if I’d like to help them promote […]

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