Dear Imposter Syndrome

Hi you.

Please could you stop……

Stop encouraging me to think about why so & so hasn’t replied to my message yet, instead, I’m choosing to tell myself that they’re busy. That the fact they have not replied is because I am not their number one priority – and that is OKAY!

Stop encouraging me to think that no one really likes me, and that they all think I’m a bit of a twat. Again, I’m CHOOSING to tell myself that I’m not that important in everyones lives and that I’m not as prominent in their thoughts as my thoughts are about what they think of me!

Please stop trying to make me think that I’m not worthy of great things, instead, I’m choosing to keep reminding myself that I already have those great things and I DO deserve them, and love them, and appreciate them.

Please stop trying to make me believe that I’m ugly, and that my skin isn’t nice enough/hair isn’t thick or shiny enough/my body isn’t toned enough/I’m not funny enough/clever enough/I’m lazy/not good enough/not cool, Instead, I CHOOSE to remind myself that I’m 40, and I’m looking flipping’ FAB for my age, and I have a little girl who absorbs every thing I utter about myself out loud, and she needs to know that I will always be a role model to her.

Please stop trying to convince me that my husband is too good for me AND too good to me. I’m reminding myself that we are a partnership, and we have 100% mutual trust, loyalty, respect and commitment to each other and our babies.

And please, for the love of god, STOP punishing for me the past. The past has GONE past, it has PAST me, it is behind me, I have learned by it and I forgive myself for every perceived mistake or wrong doing.

I am worthy of all that I have…..I know this to be true because I already have it.

So, not this time, imposter syndrome. Not today, thank you.


Jodine x


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