Dear Imposter Syndrome

Hi you. Please could you stop…… Stop encouraging me to think about why so & so hasn’t replied to my message yet, instead, I’m choosing to tell myself that they’re busy. That the fact they have not replied is because I am not their number one priority – and that is OKAY! Stop encouraging me […]

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We made a huge decision 2 weeks ago and now I’m just wishing we’d started sooo much sooner! Let me explain…. When we first launched Gummee, the vision we had was quite simple. Create a brand, be internationally successful. I shared every step of the journey on my personal facebook page and looking back now, […]

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Changing Times

What is your favourite social media platform? Sorry – it’s been a while! We have been so busy over the last year working hard to save our business that it took priority and all of my time. I don’t want to go into why, I’m very into focusing on positivity at the moment, it’s much […]

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#BOSSMUM’s and Dodgey Tums!

Last week, we were lucky enough to have been invited to attend and sponsor the #BossMums event organised and hosted by the beautiful Jessica Cunningham of The Apprentice, CBB’s and ITV This Morning fame, and of The Prodigal Fox clothing brand. As a small brand, marketing is a constant challenge. When you first start out, […]

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In the beginning….

Early years Hey!! 😀 Welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m Jodine Boothby, previously known as Jodine O’Donoghue before I married Gummee Daddee. I was a very quiet, shy little girl, and had no confidence what so ever. (Anyone who knows me now may find that hard to believe, haha! It’s true though, ask […]

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