Setting the Scene for Halloween

Autumn is by far my favourite season. 

From lying in a candle lit bath and listening to the storms rattling the windows, to going for a family visit to a Pumpkin farm, to snuggling up with the kiddies with a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, I look forward to the Autumn with as much excitement as I do Christmas or a really exciting family holiday.

This year however seems a bit harder to genuinely enjoy the season, and it’s tougher for millions of people around the World to put as much effort and vigour into something that involves celebrating at home, when being at home feels a lot more restrictive than usual due to current World circumstances. 

But I digress! I’m not going to mention the dreaded C word.

So I will get back to the purpose of the blog; Setting the scene for Halloween!

The fall of the lovely brown and red and golden leaves and the sound and feel of them crunching underfoot feels like a refreshing opportunity to appreciate the outdoors in new conditions and adjust the inside environment to bring the warmth of the Autumn colours indoors. 

By the way, Charlie took the photo above, she’s excited for me to credit her in this blog post 😉

I love to decorate the house for Halloween and I’m forever trying to impose my enthusiasm on the kids, haha! This year, they are more co-operative than they’ve ever been, so we wanted to make the most of Halloween and kick it off early.

We spent some time making some Halloween decorations, like the flower adorned skull on our mantel piece, photographed here. We love the Day of the Dead theme, so that has inspired a few of our home made decorations!

You can’t beat a bunch of fresh flowers for bringing some colourful joy into the home and when Bloom & Wild got in touch to ask if I’d like some flowers I jumped at the chance and obviously went for a gorgeous Autumnal selection of blooms called The Hazel from their letterbox selection. Aren’t they gorgeous? They came in a letterbox sized box and were lovingly wrapped, waiting to be beautifully arranged. Two sachets of flower food are also supplied.

We had our first Halloween movie night (I know, more than one…..whaaaat? Hey, 2020 has been one strange year so we’re making it our own!) on Friday 16th.

The movie of choice was Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas. Unbelievably, none of us had ever watched it before and I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what the kids would make of it. I needn’t have worried! Jimmy loved it but Charlie got bored. However, the whole evening was made much sweeter thanks to Konditor, who sent us one of their awesome Family Boo Time Treat boxes!

The Boo Time Treat box contains a chocolate brownie slab, 2 gingerbread skeletons, 2 gingerbread Mummies and a little bag of ghost meringues. They added the perfect touch to our family Halloween evening and they were enjoyed very much all round. 

Do you like your chocolate brownie with a squidgy centre and a crispy casing? Me too. 

Do you like your Gingerbread men with a proper, warm and spicy Gingerbread taste, with a delightfully crispy icing? If the answer is yes, we recommend enhancing your Halloween with a treat box from Konditor 🙂

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