Review Of Synerva CBD Oil

I had been wondering whether or not to try CBD oil for various health issues and persistent pain so when I saw Clare from Synerva’s request for reviewers for her products I jumped at the chance.

Steve and I had discussed it many times previously and the only thing that put me off was the worry that it might make me feel high. I chatted with Clare about the best product for my needs and she advised a 10% CBD oil, and a dose of 2 drops in the evening and 2 drops in the morning.

From the first dose of CBD I noticed a difference in how I felt. The panicky feeling in my chest became less noticeable. It wasn’t gone, it just felt less present.

Before taking the CBD oil, I took pain killers almost every single day. Mainly at night, to help me sleep. I have a few health complaints that sometimes really take their toll if they all flare up at once, but most of the time they’re manageable. For the purpose of this review, I’ll just quickly mention the conditions: Fibromyalgia caused by hypermobility, Polycystic ovaries (which can cause very painful periods due to the cyst sizes) and suspected Endometriosis, it hasn’t been officially diagnosed but it is suspected as my left ovary is stuck/attached to the back of my uterine wall (what ever that means) and this also leads to painful periods.

The all over pain is something I have grown so used to now that I barely notice it through the day as I’m mostly busy, however I do have to take pain killers every single night. There is always a box of ibuprofen and a box of paracetamol in my bedside drawers and I take two of each before I got to sleep.

Within 4 days of taking CBD, I felt I could go to sleep without taking painkillers. Within 20 minutes of taking it, I feel like I have made anxiety MY bitch, rather than it making me IT’s bitch. It’s still there, ever present but tamed for a few hours. I have slept very deeply, every night that I have used CBD. I do find it harder to wake up in the mornings, I am not sure why that is but it is a small trade off for getting such a good, deep sleep. 

It’s still early days, but so far so good. I have ordered another bottle, and will continue to use it. The only issue that I can foresee is the cost. I don’t think I have yet found my perfect dose, however I am reluctant to increase the drops incase it means an increase in cost. Hopefully I’ll hit a fine balance. I would recommend the use of CBD oil to anyone with anxiety, provided you seek medical advice and also have a chat with Clare form Synerva about appropriate doses/forms to start on.

I would just like to thank Clare for providing the opportunity for me to try the product, I am so very grateful. I feel like I have a great item in my armoury for tackling anxiety, pain and every day stresses!

*The CBD oil was gifted for an honest review and blog post

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