The Best Luxury Bath Idea’s for Mothers Day

You’ve had a long hard day at the office, or at home and you have a window of ‘me time’, and one of your favourite past times is a soak in the tub.

A relaxing bath is one of life’s easiest and cheapest luxuries and it isn’t hard to make it feel as though you’ve escaped the craziness of your life and moved through your own private portal into a heavenly home made spa.

A bath like this needs a little bit of planning, but not a huge amount.

A long hot, relaxing soak has always been one of my favourite ways to spend some ‘me time’, so I’ll share my tips and recommendations here however you can obviously tweak them to suit you.

I start with a list of things that I need in order to plan my perfect little bathroom get away.

  1. A bucket (place it outside the door for when the family feel like interrupting your down time with their ill-timed bowel movements)
  2. Number one is a joke 😉 Just remember to instruct everyone to get their visits out the way before you close yourself off to interruptions.
  3. I like to shower before hand. I shave, exfoliate, scrub, etc. Alllll the gardening equipment comes out to help me. It means that you’ll have absolutely nothing to do apart from lie down in your wonder water and close those sleepy little eye balls. It also means you’ll not be lying in your dead skin cells and ex body hair.
  4. Candles – there is nothing like a few candles to create a beautiful ambience and tranquil spa vibes.
  5. A bath pillow – very cheap from Home bargains or also available on Amazon. I have a cheap home bargains one, but I have just spotted this beauty on Amazon: Bath Pillow and I NEEEEEDS IT!
  6. Spa music – We have water proof speakers installed in the bathroom so I put the music on very low. Popping your phone in a pint glass works well if you want to listen to some mellow melodies but you don’t want that tinny sound effect from a phone.
  7. A luxury bath oil – may I suggest Olverum – this stuff is incredible. If you’ve had the pleasure of smelling/experiencing the Sleepy range from Lush, Olverum has a similar scent but deeper, fuller and more luxurious. Think the Sleepy range, but on steroids. It’s one of those scents that makes you feel like you can’t get enough of it. It reaches the very depths of my soul. It actually feels like luxury when handling it in its packaging. The stuff is just special. It feels like bath time treasure. A long kept secret, that I have only recently discovered. Now permanently on my wish list for birthdays and Mothers day! You only need a third of a capful, and believe me you can feel the effects on your skin almost immediately. Velvety smooth softness, without excess oil. Get it ordered for Mothers day, lovelies!
  8. Chocolates – A luxury bath requires luxury chocolates.  The Guylian range of finest Belgian chocolate and Hazelnut praline filling are the perfect decadent addition to your dreamy, serene wet wonderland. Another perfect Mothers day gift if you’re reading, fella’s/partners.
  9. Have a soft fluffy towel folded and ready within arms reach.
  10. Pop your pyjama’s/comfy clothes on a radiator to warm up, putting them on feels like the perfect way of sealing up your delectable dip.
The packaging is exquisite
I love the bottle design – its pourable!

And this concludes my tips for a home made wonder spa! If I have inspired your next self pamper session, please let me know 😉

*Olverum gifted for purpose of this review

Gummee Mummee xx

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