Which? Report – is Gummee glove unsafe?

Which? recently published a report, claiming to have tested the safety of Gummee glove. The report was published in various national media and across social platforms.

Gummee is another baby to me, it is an invention that came from a problem I had with helping my first born through teething. The passion I have for my product is immeasurable, and we have gone over and above what is required for safety testing of Gummee glove. The glove conforms to safety testing standards required by the UK, EU, USA, Aus & NZ, Canada and all other countries where the product is sold.

Which? made claims to Amazon about the products safety and had Gummee glove removed from sale, however Amazon have reinstated the products because we have proven that they are safe, having submitted the products to SGS in Bradford for re-testing after Which? got in touch. We passed the new tests, and Which? are not interested.

We categorically refute the claims made by Which, on the grounds that they will not provide us with official, accredited lab paperwork or divulge which lab carried out the testing. This gives us no choice but to stick by the UKAS Accredited, official safety certificates that we have from official testing labs such as SGS & TUV. When Which? provided evidence in the form of photographs, it was evident that their tests were not carried out correctly. However, upon pointing this out to them, they say they still stand by their results.

Please see this link, which explains more details about another part of the test, concerning the hook and loop closure around the wrist:

(EDIT: I have removed a personal comment – I merely stated my opinion after being provided with official regulations provided by law, and comparing that with the photo’s of the testing carried out by Which?)

Thank goodness that after the initial shock of feeling like we were responsible for unsafe baby toys, we actually found out that we have gone over and above our due diligence when it comes to safety.

Please see the photo’s I have provided, to show that we have passed the tests that Which? claim we failed; BTO 272654-2 ReportBTO 272654-2 Report

I am only an email away, for anyone that might like to ask questions. jodine@gummee.life




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