Day Out At Badgers Holt, Devon

If you’re going on holiday in Devon or Cornwall this summer and you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful day out, we can not recommend Badgers Holt in Yelverton highly enough.

The scenery on Dartmoor on the drive there is absolutely breathtaking, and will have you feeling relaxed and excited by the time you reach the location.

Badgers Holt Tea Rooms and Restaurant is set in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, Devon. They do have accommodation however we’ve only been there for day trips with picnics so I can not comment on the accommodation or the restaurant, however we did pop in the restaurant for a look around and we can’t wait to eat in there next time we visit. The main attraction for us is the beautiful River running through Badgers Holt. I have added a few photo’s so that you can get some idea of the beauty of this place. The water is crystal clear, shallow enough for little ones to paddle in but also has areas that are deep enough for a little swim.

It is the perfect setting for a family picnic. The parking is only £2 for the whole day, which is extremely reasonable. We had been there once before when Jimmy was only a toddler, so this was our first time with both kids, at an age where they are ready and able to explore. We thought we’d be there for an hour or two at most, and we ended up spending a good 5 hours there, we all absolutely loved it.

We took a picnic and plenty to drink, plus a couple of picnic blankets. Also not forgetting the essentials such as sun cream, sun hats, towels, wipes/tissues (because when do ever not need wipes or tissues? Especially when the kids get their hands on a chocolate ice cream!) a change of clothes, swimming trunks for the boys (Steve and Jimmy) and costumes for us girls.

The stretch of river running through Badgers Holt sort of feels like the main attraction when you arrive, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are plenty of spots, shaded or in the sun, all along the river bank and lots of easy routes down into the river.

One thing I wish we’d all had was water shoes to wear as the river bed is all pebbles and stones and can get quite uncomfortable under foot in places, however we will be returning and this time we will have those shoes, plus wetsuits for kids – Charlie slipped a couple of times and grazed her knee’s and shin, so a wetsuit will help protect them more. There was no wifi at all, which was brilliant to be honest because that meant I only picked up my phone to take photo’s and video’s, recording all those magical memories of the kids having the absolute time of their lives.

There are toilets and basic change facilities for little ones in the toilets too. It’s very basic and a bit dark and gloomy but perfectly adequate and absolutely nothing to complain about since all you’ll be paying is £2 for the parking. There is also an onsite shop (located in the carpark) which has the very basics in terms of souvenirs and ice cream/ice lollies, but again, nothing to complain about at all when you consider what an awesome day out this is for very minimal spend.

Steve and I took it in turns going in the river with the kids, while the other one relaxed in the Sun. I’d recommend also taking some kind of inflatable like a rubber ring or boat, for extra fun in the river. Paddle boards are also a great idea. Next time I think I would also take a book to read for when it’s my turn to relax 😉

Thank you for reading this blog post, please let me know if you have any comments or questions – especially if you decide to visit after reading this 🙂


Gummee mummee xx

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