Bakerdays Photo Cake Review

Imagine being a bit hormonal and then get in touch to ask if I would like to work with them on a little collaboration…….. promoting CAKE! 

I mean, shark week was around the corner and in comes this message on Instagram from the lovely folk at bakerdays asking if I’d like to help them promote cake….it was always going to be a big fat YES from me, please Bob!

I couldn’t say no, obviously. I mean that would just have been rude. 

Imagine, someone wanting to send little old ME a cake?! 

I had big plans for a whole photo shoot around it, doing a cake smash and smothering myself in it and all sorts but to be honest I hadn’t thought about the size of the cake and considering I’d promised the rest of the family (like an idiot) that we’d all get a piece each, I realised that there was going to be no cake smashing going on. 

I did smash my piece of cake down, however. Almost in one. So no worries there.

Now, for the record, I would like to point out that I consider myself fairly qualified to comment on the technical aspects of baking. I was a Quality Assurance Officer at my previous job and I regularly had to collect samples of baked goods, including deserts, from around the bakery and then re-heat them/cook them and cut them open to inspect them and taste them, commenting on things like appearance/decoration, sauce viscosity and bake penetration and OH MY GOD I know some big words. 

Now, imagine being able to order a cake for yourself (or someone else, though I don’t tend to naturally think about ANYONE else but myself when it comes to cake) and then it just comes through your letterbox, bounces on to the floor, and when you open it up, it is absolutely in 100% pristine perfect condition? 

Beautifully packaged in its own little cake tin, which will now be very handy for us to use for future bakes (in fact, the littlest has decided to bake cookies and use the tin to take the cookies to school and give to her teacher as an end of year gift)

Birthday cake’s have a certain smell. I LOVE birthday cake, and usually I would go for vanilla and cream and jam, however both kiddies insisted on chocolate so that is what I asked for. When I pulled the lid open, the waft that hit my nose spoke to me as though it knew why it had been made. It knew that it’s sole purpose in life was to please all my senses, and it did. 

The quality of the icing and the image on it was really good, I wanted to celebrate a year of my business making it through a very tough time AND me turning 40 at the same time, so the cake read Happy 40th birthday and then had the Gummee logo in the middle (see pics) 

The icing was just the perfect combo of moist yet firm, and the sponge was really light and airy but in a good ‘I’ve deffo had some cake’ kind of way. The base of the cake was stuck lightly to the bottom of the tin with some sort of chocolate flavour cream, which added a certain element of surprise moistness to the cake (not me). (Can’t be absolutely sure about that last bit)

All in all, I was very happy with the cake and so were the kids. Steve can’t comment because the kids had his piece, which didn’t really go down well, especially as he pretended to be the postman for me for the purposes of the video, however he was impressed with the appearance of it and how well packaged it was when it arrived.

Thank you so much to Bakerdays for sending the cake for us to review! 

*I was gifted the cake in exchange for this blog and all views/opinions/thoughts etc are my own*

**No one will ever need to pay me to eat cake. I will write for you. JUST SEND ME CAKE.**

You can order yours from:

Deliveries UK Wide:

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