Honour Your Flow

Ever since I can remember, I have had to use panty liners.

(Men/Boys – you may want to leave the blog at this point…..I’m going into detail about all things menstrual and lady bits!)

I have always HATED the wet feeling, even just the slightest, tiniest dribble. From being a young girl and having just a single drop fall into my knickers when getting off the toilet, to post-motherhood and having to cross my legs very tightly every time I sneeze.

I have always needed panty liners because they absorb immediately (if they’re good – not all of them are) and I just feel so much more comfortable.

Recently, Tesco stopped stocking my favourite type, and replaced it with a couple of options that are both RUBBISH. Aside form the fact that they do not absorb (which completely defeats the object for me) they’ve also given me thrush, and the fact that they’re four times the price is just outrageous.

I’ve been thinking about making some of my own and even took a pair of scissors to an old t-shirt…but then remembered I can’t sew. I was scrolling on Instagram when I saw a post from @justanotherbasketgrace about Honour Your Flow and I had to try them.

The lovely Vicky agreed to send me a couple of samples to try, and they DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!

Firstly, I was very impressed with how soft and comfortable they are.

No more flipping back of the throwaway sticky types, clinging to my pubes and effectively giving me a sudden, involuntary mow of the old lady garden. Oh no.

They are super soft, and I honestly wore one for an entire day and felt completely dry.

I am totally converted. At around £6 each for the ones I want (and will be ordering) it is expensive but I spend around £6 to £8 per month right now JUST on daily liners. That’s a minimum of £72 per year, and if I spend that much on re-usable liners, I will not have to buy any again for a long time.

Vicky also sent me a sample of the maxi pad for when Aunt Flo came to inconvenience me for the week. Hands up I GRINNED with relief wearing it. My periods are super heavy since having the kids, and I just feel so uncomfortable using tampons so I’m a maxi pad kinda girl. However, my preferred towels (I use the term preferred very loosely) are the perfumed ones, because if fit, not smell.

I HATE the smell of them. I feel like it’s the ‘Hi, I’M ON MY PERIOD, CAN YOU SMELL ME?’ perfume.

I had to take a spare out in my pocket when we went out somewhere and now it’s all I can smell from my coat.

So I can’t wait to invest in some of the maxi pads too. The absorbency was fab, and even though it felt a bit gross throwing it in the wash with the colours, it came out good as new. (The clothes were safe, too)

So we’ll be making a huge saving, PLUS I’ve had no thrush, no feeling of wetness, and no landfill inspired guilt! It’s also Steve’s job to empty all the rubbish in the house, so he’s pretty chuffed that the bathroom bins won’t be as gross anymore.

And speaking of guilt, can I just mention that Halo top were kind enough to send me some ice cream bars to review….less than 100 calories a bar, my lovelies!

I know, I couldn’t believe it either! Hence guilt free (mostly….pesky chocolate fudge hot cross buns and Easter eggs….) period treats!

I could NOT recommend Vicky’s re-useable sanitary products highly enough, and I also love her whole brand message, please pop over to her Instagram (linked above) and say hello. 😉

Check them out here: http://www.honouryourflow.co.uk

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