Changing Times

What is your favourite social media platform?

Sorry – it’s been a while! We have been so busy over the last year working hard to save our business that it took priority and all of my time. I don’t want to go into why, I’m very into focusing on positivity at the moment, it’s much better for my mental health.

The last year and a half have really tested us, and retail is changing so fast, for everyone, from distributors to retailers. The competition is tough for us now that any one can buy a cheap knock off teething mitten from the likes of Wish and other platforms (who I’m NOT going to link to 😉 ) for silly prices. I recently ordered one and found that it didn’t follow ANY of the safety standards required by UK and EU law, so….you get what you pay for.

There are many things that separate us from the rest, and I’ve learned that overall, Gummee holds so much more value. We’re so much more than just a teething brand. We’re a family run business, a husband and wife team, working from home, trying to build a future for ourselves and our loved ones.

The brand to us is like another baby. We created it, we designed all of our products, with as much love and care and attention to detail as we’d put into our own children. This includes our service to our customers, the way we speak to our followers, and the content we share. Every aspect of our business makes up part of our over-all pride for it, and to us, reputation is EVERYTHING.

Instagram has become really important to us over the last 12 months, and the engagement over there is getting better all the time. Facebook was always Gummee’s ‘home’, or digital ‘shop window’ how ever when the algorithm changed last April it affected us so badly that it made us realise we’d been too reliant on just the one platform. I’d been very neglectful of Instagram and had just let an agency take it over, however I realised I didn’t want it to come across as a big, faceless, polished brand. But even though I knew that was how I felt, I didn’t know how to change it. But I get it now. We started working with someone who has really helped me to understand how it all works, and how I can put so much more of me and my family into it, without distracting from the core reason we’re doing it – to grow our brand. It’s as if all the pieces of the puzzle have been found and I’m excited about fitting them all together.

This blog has been written to just explain a little more about who we are, why we care, and to just let you know how much we appreciate every single comment on our posts, every like, every love, every message – I see and respond to them all. No one else runs our social media, It’s just me, Gummee Mummee and it’s my most favourite part of my job. Well, very closely matched by product design & innovation 😉

If you’d like to know more about HOW we started, I wrote this blog a while back: In the beginning…. In the mean time, I hope to see a lot more of all of our customers while my confidence grows enough to start sharing more with you on stories (OMG I love the stories!!)

I’d love to know your thoughts below 🙂


Jodine xx


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